Sunday, August 10, 2014

Girls Night Out: WINE Tasting ♥

Wines, breads, macaroons and almost “PIZZA” hahaha all of these things happened at La Vie Parisienne, the first French Boulangerie, Pastry Shop & Wine Library in Cebu. A great overview of tasty French wines and products.

We actually had this Despidida thingy as one of my friends from High school was leaving from the Philippines to Guam to meet his better half. And this gives me the chance to hang out for the first time with them; I mean a group of friends from my high school batch.

 Frauline & Myself

I was very happy meeting them that night and really enjoyed, it feels like high school after then. While looking at them I have observed changes, physically we all look prettier ;) and a bit matured but still silly hahaha. It’s been 7 years since after graduation except for one Frauline whom we used to see each other once a year. Well, in my case I don’t usually hang out, but that doesn’t mean I forgot them. Life has been busy, from high school to college to work for marriage and family. Like I am virtually available most of the time thru Social networks it helps a lot like we get connected, virtually though.

I, Roselie & Frauline

April boy, Xynxa, Faruline,I,Deserie,Chasel & Roselie

blur on me (─‿‿─)

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Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Getaway: Summer FUN at Zamboanga City

It was with much pleasure that we received the wedding invitation to one of our closest friends and being a part of the beautiful celebration of the happy couple at Zamboanga City we indeed had a great time with them. 

This also serves as one of our vacation getaway this 2014 summer, we find this place interesting and a very good place for a couples vacation it was fresh and quiet and relaxing.

Here's some of the couple shots with my Dearest taken during this event:

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Thursday, July 17, 2014

Capturing Moments

I'm a mother of 2 years old boy his name is Rian Stefan was born on 15th of February 2012. In this blog expect more posts of him as he grow and as to how much I would love to express how proud mom I am.

Back when I was pregnant, mixed emotions came as pregnancy is a time of great change, not only in your body, but in your emotions, perspectives and lifestyle until things just passed.I never thought I am this strong and proud until I became a mother, like its not about what you gave up to have a child, but indeed what you've gained from having one.
I cannot really express here how grateful I am in becoming a Mom, yet in following my blog maybe you can see and feel me.To start... here are photos of my baby  where you can see he was enjoying small things around.

Rian Stefan's outdoor photography ;) 

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Wednesday, July 16, 2014

A mother's love is endless.

"caught in the moment"

And for this, care to hear this some great country music and video by Blake Shelton.

"God Gave Me YOU"

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Working Parents Guide to Family Bonding

How can we balance work with family time while still getting the most out of both? How can we be successful at our jobs and still have a close bond with our children?

No need to answer those, it just sound so complicated yet have to keep in mind though. As for my way, me and my hubby give as much time as we could for our son because we both know that there is nothing more important than a Family.

While it will take some effort, there are a few simple things that working parents can do to ensure a strong bond with their children. It doesn't need to be grand I guess as long as the real presence and joy exist that means happiness and bonding.

You may consider the following once you step on your door from work:

·         Greet them at the door
o    Make sure that when you walk through that door, you are ready for at least 5 minutes of high-energy hugs and giggles. Let your kids know that you are as excited to see them as they are to see you.

·         Leave your baggage outside
o    Too many times, we let our daily stresses spill over into our home lives. Don’t do it – at least not around your kids.

·         Spend time together as a whole family

·         Turn off the cell phone
o    Simply means turn your cell phone off when you get home.

I hope you all find this simple great tips for parents! Have a lot to learn from this. For the sake of our kids, we as parents should sacrifice for them.

Here are sneak peek on some our bonding moments...excuse the mess we are making memories.

 Lifes greatest blessing.

Yup, that's my heartthrobs right there.
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